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Fishing in Maine's fabled "North Woods"

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         Mike Cooper with a

    4.5 lb  Brook Trout



    Angel with a pair of 4 lb Brookies



A young angler with a 2.5 lb wild Brookie

   "Nahmakanta" is a spectacular, spring-fed lake at the heart of an incredible wilderness fishing area, 45 miles from the nearest town and many miles from other camps (and other fisherman !) Surrounded by wild forests, clear-flowing streams and remote brook trout ponds, we offer our cabin guests a variety of fishing options, including...

  - maintained foot trails to rowboats and canoes on 20 brook trout ponds

- excellent stream fishing for brook trout and landlocked salmon

        - trolling for lake trout and salmon from 14' motorboats on 4-mile Nahmakanta Lake

  Private waterfront guest cabins   /   "American" or "Housekeeping" plans

     Maine's finest wilderness fishing destination....

"....for Wild Brook Trout


               ...and Landlocked Salmon"



  "We caught over 100 Brook Trout in one day...! non-stop action ! The Brookies were averaging 13"-16", great

          for  the fly rod.  Fishing with two flies, several times we had two fish on at the same time. Some of the best fishing ever !

                Thanks, Don & Angel, for more great memories to add to our Nahmakanta collection...!"

                                                                                                                            - Bob Bourque & Scott Chagnon   Standish, MAINE


                 Five beaver pond brookies                             Fresh trout fried in butter                                                         ...ready for the frying pan !                                                   ...a fabulous side dish !

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