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Don & Angel Hibbs (207)731-8888  E-mail: info@nahmakanta.com


Fishing at Nahmakanata Lake Camps

"Fishing Information Sheet "

Non-Resident Licenses (16 yrs and older)

Season                  $66

15 Day                  $49

  7 Day                   $45 

 3 Day                    $25

       1  Day                   $13     

Junior Licence (12-15yrs) $18

Under 12 yrs -Free  

Licenses are available here at camp or at sporting goods stores, general stores and

Rite Aid stores throughout Maine. For more information call the Maine Dept Inland

Fisheries and Wildlife in Augusta at 207-287-8000.

         Fishing Season...May 1st to Sept 30th

          ("Bonus Season".... 4 area backcountry trout lakes open for

                               "catch and release" fishing Oct and Nov)


   Nahmakanta Lake....4 miles long, 1000, acres 115' maximum depth. 

General Law regulations (flies, lures or bait ). Nahmakanta is primarily a lake trout and landlock salmon lake, with a few brook trout. Salmon run 12" to 20" and occasionally larger.  Lake trout, or "Togue" run 3-12lbs.  Throughout the season, salmon are found anywhere from the surface to 40'. Togue can be as deep as 50'. Most fishing on the lake is from motorboats with trolling and fly rods and long leaders. Salmon frequently rise for flies mornings and evenings in front of camp. Casting flies or lures from canoes or boats is possible then.

Backcountry Brook Trout Lakes....

We maintain foot trails to and keep boats and canoes at 14 different hike-in brook

trout lakes in our area.  Walking distance to the backountry lakes vary between 1/4 and

2 miles. All but two are restricted to flies and lures by regulation. Brook Trout up to 20 " and

sometimes larger.


Six mile long Nahmakanta stream drains Nahmakanta Lake and is an excellent salmon

and brook trout fishery from mid May and late June or early July and again in late September. A classic freestone stream, swift and rocky with pools and deep runs

between rapids.  There are also two smaller brook trout streams right near camp.

Tackle Recommendations....


    Spinning Gear -Ultralight 5'-6' rod and reel for 4 to 6lb test monofiliment line.

    Fly Fishing Gear - 8-9 ft rod and light weight reels for floating, sinking tip and full sinking lines  #5 and 6# weight. PLEASE NOTE: A FAST,FULL SINKING line is important when trout are feeding sub-surface, which is common in area trout lakes.



 Wets and Streamers   Lures for Backcountry Lakes


         Dragonfly Nymph                              Goldfish

         Maribou Leech                                  Pheobe

         Crawfish  Imitation                           Dardevil

         Brookie Muddler                              Orange Weeping Willow

         Little Brook Trout                             Yellow Rooster Tail

         Hornburg                                           Panther Martin

         Orange Grasshopper                       

             Trout Finn                                                  

           West Branch Special                              

           Maple Syrup                                                  

           Wardens Worry  

               Trolling lures for Salmon

                        Mooseleuk Wobblers ( small and medium sizes)

                 3 Best Colors: Orange, Copper, and Gold with Orange Stripe


    Dry Flies          Trolling Streamers for Salmon         

      Elk Hair Caddis                                     Superviser

     Blue Wing Olive                                     Bluebell

     Hexagenia or Green Drake (size#2)       Black, Green, and Grey

     Red Quill                                               Ghosts

     Royal and White Wulff




An Important Note for Our Fishing Guests.........

               "At Nahmakanta, we sincerely believe in providing our guests outstanding service and personal attention. We are passionate and very knowledgable about our area, and we freely share that knowledge to help make your visit with us your best fishing trip ever ! We'll sit down with you and take the time to go over your map in detail, pointing out the many fishing hot spots in our vast wilderness area.  For our first time guests in particular, you won't be wasting time fishing where there's no fish...! "


                      -Don and Angel Hibbs    Nahmakanta Lake Wilderness Camps                                              

Home Page/ Fishing at Nahmakanta/More Photos and Comments /

Our Fishing Guide /Info Sheet /Accommodations / Rates /

Travel Directionss /Reservation Form /

Don & Angel Hibbs (207)731-8888  E-mail: info@mainefishingcamps.com

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