"Nahmakanta Lake Wilderness Camps"

    Wilderness Fishing in Maine's fabled "North Woods"

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"Travel Directions"

Driving Directions to Nahmakanta  

     By Vehicle  May 1st - Nov 30th 

   From points south of Bangor, Maine.... 

 (Please note: our mailing address is in Millinocket,but you do not drive through Millinocket to reach us )

        Nahmakanta Lake Wilderness Camps can
be reached by road from two different directions (refer to a highway map of Maine for perspective)Directions for both routes start at the Newport
exit of I-95
(Newport is 30 miles south of Bangor) 

The "Kokadjo" route is 100 miles long, has one rough5-mile section of road (details below) and is toll-free.

The "Jo M
ary" route is 95 miles long, is a somewhat better road (no rough section, cars OK)but has a road-use fee.(Maine residents $7 per person, each way; Non-residents$12 per person, each way/ under 15 and over 70 are free)


Directions for "Kokadjo" Route

(see note below on recommended vehicle types)

Exit I-95 at "Newport", then take Rt 7 north to Dexter, Rt 23 to Guilford, then Rts 6/15 to Greenville, at the southern end of Moosehead Lake. In Greenville, there is gas, groceries, outdoor gear and supplies, and fly and tackle shops. From Greenville, drive 20 miles north along the east side of Moosehead Lake to the tiny village of "Kokadjo". From Kokadjo store on left, it is 26 miles on gravel roads to Nahmakanta. Look for "NLC" signs at all turns. Check your odometer at the store.

The following mileage figures are measured from Kokadjo store
(not to be added to previous figure)
.....at 0.2 miles, bear Left......at
1.4 miles bear Right....at 1.8 bear Right....at 6.6 turn Left....at 10.6 bear Right.....at 11.6 turn Left.....at 13.3 turn Right.....at 14.0 turn Left.....at 17.0 bear Left.....at 18.3 bear Left.....at 19.2 bear Left.....at 24.8 turn Right.....25.8 arrive at camp.


  Important Note: Approx. 10 miles in on the gravel road from Kokadjo, there's a 5 mile section of road that is quite rough. It's no different than many of the woods road of Northern Maine. It's passable, but you'll need to take it slow and dodge some potholes. The last 10 miles are good road again.This section is not recommended for ordinary cars unless you have backwoods driving experience. Pickup trucks, SUV's, Suburu 4WD's etc. will be fine. You won't need 4WD, but the extra clearance of 4WD vehicles is an advantage.

Driving Distances -

"Kokadjo" route

Newport - Greenville 54 miles 

Greenville - Kokadjo  20 miles Kokadjo - Nahmakanta Lake    26 miles (gravel)

Directions for "Jo-Mary" Route

Exit I-95 at Newport, Maine. Take
Rt 7 north 30 miles to "Dover-Foxcroft".
Then take Rt. 6/16 east 13 miles to "Milo".
Then take Rt 11 north 24 miles and look
for a large sign on left "Jo Mary Lake Campground". Turn left onto gravel
road, drive 1/4 mile, stop at checkpoint,
register, and pay private road fee
($12 per adult for non residents of Maine;
$7 for residents; under 15 and over 70, free) Follow "NLC" signs 27 miles to camp.

Watch for and yield to logging trucks.

Driving Distances - "Jo Mary" route

Newport - Dover Foxcroft        30 miles        Dover Foxcroft - Milo                   13 miles  

Milo - Jo Mary turnoff                    25 miles
Jo Mary - Nahmakanta Camps      27 miles




  From Mid-Coast Maine and the Greater Bangor area.....

        (Camden, Ellsworth, Bar Harbor, Acadia Nat'l Park, etc)

  Use state highways to reach Bangor, then
take I-95 northbound approx 15 miles to
exit 199. Turn left (north) onto Rt 16. After
25 miles, arrive in downtown Milo. Turn
right (north) onto Rt 11. Continue north
on Rt 11 for 25 miles, turn left onto gravel
road at "Jo-Mary Lake Campground" sign.
After 1/4 mile, stop at checkpoint to register
and pay road use fee. Maine residents, $7
per adult....Non-residents, $12 per adult
(under15 and over 70, free) Beyond gate,
follow "NLC" signs 27 miles to camp.


By Float Plane: May 10 - Oct 15 

 From Ambajejus Lake (8 miles west
of Millinocket)
"Katahdin Air Service" 
Jim Strang  (207) 723-8378

Katahdin Air base - Nahmakanta Camps
(12 minute flight)  

  $150 per person RT  (2 person minimum)


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