Fishing at Nahmakanta Lake Wilderness Camps


NAHMAKANTA LAKE 4 miles long, 1000 acres, 130’ maximum depth. General Law regulations apply (flies, lures or bait). Nahmakanta is primarily a landlocked salmon and lake trout fishery, with some brook trout. Salmon run 12” to 20” and occasionally larger. Lake trout (called “Togue” in Maine) run 3-12lbs. Throughout the season, salmon are caught from the surface down to 40’. Togue can be as deep as 60’. Most fishing on the lake is from motorboats with trolling rods and lead-core line, or surface trolling with fly rods and long leaders. Salmon frequently rise for flies mornings and evenings in front of camp. Casting flies or lures from canoes or boats is possible then.

REMOTE BROOK TROUT LAKES   We maintain foot trails and keep boats and canoes at 20 different hike-in brook trout lakes exclusively for our guests. Walking distance to the trout lakes varies between ¼ and 2+ miles. Backcountry lakes are restricted to flies and lures (no bait fishing permitted). 

  To enhance the quality of the brook trout fishing in our area, we’ve designated several of the trout ponds “Fly Fishing Only” as a camp rule.

STREAMS  5 mile long Nahmakanta stream drains Nahmakanta Lake and is a good salmon and brook trout fishery from mid May until mid or late June, and (depending on rain) again in mid to late September. A classic freestone stream, swift and rocky with pools and deep runs between rapids. There are also two smaller brook trout streams near camp.

General Fishing Season – May 1st to Sept 30th
(Six area brook trout lakes are also open for “catch and release” fishing in October)

Non-Resident License Fee:

7 Day – $45   

3 Day – $25 

  1 Day – $13

(Licenses can be purchased online Here)


Recommended Tackle


Spinning Gear: Ultralight rod and reel with 4 to 6 lb test monofilament line.

Fly fishing Gear: 8-9 ft rod and lightweight reels for BOTH floating and full sinking lines, #5 and #6 weight. We sometimes use Sink-tip lines as a 3rd choice. 

(sizes 8-12)
– dragonfly nymph
– olive woolly bugger
– golden retriever
-muddler minnow
-wood special
-maple syrup
-mickey finn
-warden’s worry
-hare’s ear 

-elk hair caddis #10-14
-black gnat #8-10
-royal Wulff #8-10
-red quill #14
-blue winged olive #12-18

– goldfish
– phoebe
– red & white dardevle
– orange rooster tail
– panther martin
– gold weeping willow 

– mooselook wobblers
(small & medium sizes)
Colors – gold, copper, orange